• Cafe astrology synastry score

    Cafe astrology synastry score

    Generate your birth or natal chart with chartwheel and report with interpretations. Once you've created a natal chart, you can then select a compatibility or relationship report and forecasts. Go beyond your Sun sign with this chart service that also includes compatibility charts with ratings, horoscopes, and transits for any date in the past, present, and future, all based on your birthdate, year, and place.

    If you have your birth time, all the better! If you've already created charts, they are listed here. If not, create a new chart. Delete your charts and profile Sign in to an existing profile with your profile number and pin.

    If there are no charts listed above, simply click on Create A New Chart and then return to this page.

    cafe astrology synastry score

    A PIN will automatically fill in after you create your first chart. Take note of your profile and PIN only if you want to keep these sets of birth data.

    Chart data is saved in a cookie in your browser. If you clear your cache, this data will be erased. However, if you take note of the Profile and PIN numbers directly below your list of charts, you can log in to that profile with these numbers in order to retrieve the chart data. This is also useful for retrieving stored data on other devices.

    Please note that chart data is saved for convenience, but we cannot guarantee that it will be stored perpetually. It's always wise to keep data anonymous by using an initial or pet name in the name field.

    The following are free reports offered by Cafe Astrology. The first option, the Birth Chart, gives you your natal chart, easy-to-read listings of the positions of the planets and houses in your chart, as well as the aspects between planets and points.

    cafe astrology synastry score

    Interpretations of these positions are provided, many of which are our original interpretations. After reading the report, you might want to explore your natal chart further with our astrology articles and features.

    Returning to this page, you will find a list of any charts you've created abovewhich you can keep or delete at will. There are also report options for unknown birth times below, but if you do know the birth time syour reports will include more factors if you select them from the links at the top or bottom of the natal chart report page. Note that if you want to save the birth data, it makes sense to use the regular Create A Chart feature and select Unknown Birth Time.

    Input your birth data here to get your natal chart, positions of the planets and more in the natal chart, and short descriptions of these positions. You probably know your Sun sign.

    This report will also reveal your Moon sign, Mercury sign, your Ascendant if you know your birth time, and more.Sun square Sun -2 Sun square or opposition Mars -2 Sun conjunct, square or opposition Saturn -2 Sun conjunct, square, or opposition Neptune -2 Sun square or opposition Pluto -2 Sun square Ascendant -2 Moon square or opposition Mercury -2 Moon opposition Mars -2 Moon square or opposition Uranus -2 Moon square Ascendant -2 Mercury opposition Mercury -2 Mercury square or opposition Mars -2 Mercury conjunct, square, or opposition Saturn -2 Venus square or opposition Uranus -2 Venus square or opposition Pluto -2 Mars square or opposition Mars -2 Mars square or opposition Uranus -2 Mars conjunct, square, or opposition Neptune -2 Saturn conjunct, square or opposition Ascendant -2 Saturn conjunct or opposition Vertex -2 Saturn conjunct or square Nodes of the Moon -2 Neptune conjunct Descendant, Ascendant, or Vertex -2 Ascendant square Ascendant Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology.

    The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address.

    cafe astrology synastry score

    Cafe Astrology. Cafe Astrology Home. Share this Article Like this article? Email it to a friend!Back to Synastry Main Page. On our main Synastry page, we offered an overview of considerations for compatibility. On our More on Synastry page, we explore more Synastry details and compatibility factors.

    On our Synastry Books Compared page, we reveal our favorite books on relationship astrology, and why we like them. On this page, we will explore some key interchart aspects and positions to look for when comparing two charts, from a romantic perspective.

    It is easy to feel overwhelmed when we attempt to compare two natal charts of people involved in a romantic relationship or of a potential relationship. We suddenly have two charts to analyze instead of one, comparisons to make, and many astrologers including myself will draw up a composite chart as well. Similarly, I am not overly fond of score sheets that weigh such things as elements and qualities, preferring to work in a more intuitive manner.

    For example, most chart calculation programs will tally up the number of planets placed in the elements Fire, Earth, Air, and Water for a given natal chart. That would make me largely a Fire-Earth personality. I cannot agree with that! For one thing, although I do have two personal planets in Fire Venus and Marsand my Ascendant is Fire as well, the other two Fire points come from Jupiter and Saturn in Fire signs these are not personal planets.

    I do not have a predominantly Fire personality. Although my Ascendant is Fire, Saturn is conjunct the Ascendant, which has the effect of toning down the fire element, and in my opinion adds an Earthy emphasis.

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    Some astrologers will assign more points to the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, which makes a lot of sense. If I gave these three points 2 points each, and the others 1, I would arrive at this tally: Fire 6, Earth 4, Air 1, Water 3.

    Not much different!

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    I still would be considered a Fire-Earth personality. We should never underestimate our intuition when we read charts. There are always exceptions to the rules. Every astrologer has to be taught somehow, whether it is through face-to-face instruction or through books, but most will use the systems they were taught and refine them, ending up with their own modified systems. What follows are a large number of compatibility factors in synastry that is, comparison of one chart to another chartweighted with numerical values 4, 3, 2, 1, -1, -2, -3, and Note that the following aspects and positions are NOT those found in individual natal charts.

    They are chart-to-chart or interchart aspects and positions. None of these weights are absolute. I offer these as a general guideline only.

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    However, it may be more relevant when the individuals involved are Mercurial by nature, or have Mercury in the 7th house indicating that Mercury is especially important in relationships to that particular person. Perhaps for a Mercurial person, it should be assigned more weight. There are other factors that are important that are not listed here.

    Note: You do not have to actually tally up points. The points definitely help in that they assign relative weights to different factors, but another way of approaching this system is to take note of how many positions fall in each category.If you want a compatibility rating with interpretations that compares birth datesclick on the image above or see our free Compatibility Report for Two BirthDates no birth times. This will take you to the free report section of the site.

    The following is a simple tool for calculating the overall compatibility of two birth dates and birth names based on numerology. This tool does not consider birth times. For compatibility ratings and interpretations based on astrology AND birth times, see our full free compatibility report with detailed interpretations. See also our full reports and our free compatibility interpretation feature. Get a fully personalized and detailed compatibility report.

    Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology.

    The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Cafe Astrology. Cafe Astrology Home. Share this Article Like this article? Email it to a friend!It does seem gimmicky and crass to invent such a thing, but could such tests be useful? Love between a couple cannot be measured as such, but harmony or a sparky tension between the connections certainly can. The important thing is that there connections at all, even difficult ones!

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    I tried as many famous couples as I could find with an accurate birth time and all the couples I knew personally. After experimenting and stripping down the score I think I have come up with a formula that sorts out the wheat from the chaff. I found the aspects that cut it time and time again are the classics.

    Forget your hyped-up outer planets, deluded Neptune and your karmic quincunxes. Space-dust and glitter! To find a rock solid, mutually supportive relationship that will weather the storms of modern life. Here is the list of my best synastry aspects. I used this system on both the synastry inter-aspects, Davison Chart and composite charts. On the other end of the scale there are the super aspects. I regard these as karmic-contract aspects. I have found it to be significant.

    These are usually catalyst relationships and their sole purpose is pulling you onto the right karmic path. When this is achieved the relationship ends pretty quickly. UNDER 17 you get lovers or co-dependant marriages. Strong composite charts could offset everything…. OVER 40 is not necessarily a good thing.

    cafe astrology synastry score

    So you see it is not as simple as getting a high soulmate score or feeling doomed because you have two red alerts. Once you have the score, then you can then look into the synastry and see what is specifically pulling a couple together. You could still have a very high score with someone who you are not sexually attracted to at all, this could be with a best friend or child.

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    This system helps establish if there is a solid framework for the romance and the magic to hang onto. I checked out my scores after reading this article. My last relationship was off the charts with a high score but we also had mars square Saturn.

    Compatibility Report – Scoring

    Our romance ended after five months.If you do not know the birth times and want a quick relationship report based on birthdates, this is the form for you. This Compatibility Tool compares birth dates when birth times are unknown. It's quick and easy, and it's accurate for interpreting the known astrological factors for the dates of birth. However, if you know both people's birth times, you can create a full Compatibility report that interprets more factors instead.

    First, create a birth chart here. After your birth chart generates, select the "Add a person" link at the top of the report page. Add a second person and get your full Compatibility report.

    Back to Free Reports Home. Get a full Romantic Compatibility report. What is Astrology? Read descriptions of each zodiac sign Compatibility Grid. Compatibility when Times are Unknown If you do not know the birth times and want a quick relationship report based on birthdates, this is the form for you.

    Cafe Astrology is not responsible for how this information is used. Copyright CafeAstrology.Synastry is the art of relationship Astrology. It is a fascinating and illuminating study of how individuals interact with one another. Each individual is born with a personal birth chart, which is a map of the heavens for the moment they took their first breath. Some might say the birth chart has the effect of stamping, or imprinting, the energies of the planets and signs on an individual.

    Each and every one of us has all 10 planets and luminaries in our charts, but their positions by sign, house, and aspect are individual to each. When we interact with others, the individual energies of our natal charts form special relationships with their individual energies. The resulting interplay is as complex and unique as our own personalities.

    Many of us are familiar with the study of Sun Sign Compatibility. Many other factors are involved when evaluating the compatibility of two people. Although Synastry is complex, we can turn to some especially useful methods of studying relationships that will help shed light on our interactions. Below are some valuable pointers. Most of us are familiar with the significance of Venus in mythology.

    Venus, the goddess of love, provides us with valuable insights into how we approach matters of the heart.

    Compatibility: With Birth Times

    Venus rules romantic love, but it also plays a role in our pleasurable attachments in a more general sense. Why do we fall for people? Sometimes, our attractions make sense. Other times, our attractions seem entirely irrational. Turning to Astrology, and more specifically, Synastry, will help us find answers.

    Venus rules attraction. Although other factors are involved, Venus is the planet of pleasure, romance, and union. Venus is particularly important in Synastry, and Venus interaspects are common with couples who enjoy a long-lasting and significant union. For Venus sign comparisons click here. When Venus in one chart aspects planets and points in another, the Venus person tends to get idealized and romanticized.

    The person with the contacted planet tends to expect a lot from Venus. These are helpful aspects in any relationship. They create a sense of harmony and offer some common interests to the partnership. The Sun person feels more loving and beautiful in the presence of the Venus person. The Venus person finds the Sun person quite charming and intriguing. There is a mutual attraction here that, on its own, is not as insistent or sexual as other indicators such as Venus-Mars or Venus-Pluto.

    Perhaps the most apt keyword for this combination is contentment. The more difficult aspects opposition, square, and quincunx can point to some problems and discord. Each person tends to over-indulge the other at times, and frustrate one another the next day. Read more details about Venus-Sun aspects in synastry.

    These aspects smooth out many of the more difficult aspects in a relationship.

    Venus Aspects in Compatibility and Relationships - Venus is Synastry

    Although these relationships are not immune to ups and downs and disagreements, the presence of this aspect in synastry creates an overall sense of harmony and compatibility. The attraction here has less to do with sexuality than it does with familiarity. These people have a strong need to set up house together and spend as much time with each other as possible. When challenging, the Moon person may at times find the Venus person a little too playful at the expense of his or her own feelings.


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